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Promotional items are a fun and effective way of getting your business on the map. Many marketing managers and advertising executives believe the key to a good promotional strategy is taking advantage of seasonal themes and designations. However, while this is certainly not a bad idea, why should a company limit itself to promotional products that can only be given out during a specific time of year? For example, if hundreds of branded flip-flops were given out in December, a customer realistically would not be able to use them until it was time to hit the beach almost half a year later. A promotional marketing plan should utilize promo items that are able to be immediately enjoyed.

Durable, reliable promotional products reduce the possibility that gifts will be set aside or misplaced, and in turn can immediately boost the potential return on investment. Promotional wall calendars are a great place to start – these nifty decorations can be hung on an office wall or in a bedroom, and as long as the calendar is up to date, can be used during any time of year. By choosing promotional products that remain applicable all year long, a small business manager can effectively market a brand image to the largest possible target audience.

Just have a look around the various items that are on your own desk and you will see why there are so many desk top promotional items that have stood the test of time. Almost all desktop stuff is a candidate for an advertising gift or a promotional gift.

Items like drinks coasters, mouse mats, mugs, note pads, paperclips, paperweights, pencils, pens, rulers, letter openers, paper clip holders, post-it-note pads, pencil sharpeners, erasers, highlighters and so on.

One of the more effective desktop items, looked at more often than most, is a clock. A desktop clock is an excellent choice as a promotional gift; it has a discrete presence and is usually ever-present during the year. Moreover, it will project a distinct image for in truth a clock is a straightforward commonplace item in a similar vein to paperweights, coffee coasters and mouse mats that are used every day. And, of course, therein the usefulness and effectiveness of all desktop promotional items.

If you want something low cost you will find it but if your budget stretches further you can certainly meet your needs because the choice of desktop clocks is little short of astonishing. Whatever desktop promotional clock you are looking for you can find it in your favorite catalogue whether it is a desk clock, travel clock, alarm clock or even the traditional school wall clock.

One of the latest promotional desk clocks is radio-controlled which means that the time is set without human intervention and, for good measure, will show the day of the month and year as well as the temperature and humidity; what more could you possibly want out of a clock other than accuracy? Being radio-controlled clock it is perpetually accurate.

For the discerning gift buyer seeking something new and different there is always something unique in the clock section of the catalogue. A good example of an up-to-the-minute clock is one featuring a map as part of the clock face. Easy then to access any of the time zones, and hey presto, you have the time in Timbuktu or wherever you are doing business.

For many, a promotional clock with three or four time zones is a must and, in this case, it is difficult to beat the time-honored time-piece that has four faces showing the appropriate times in their respective regions.

However, most clocks do have one drawback; there is not a lot of room for advertising, often just a minimal space for a name, logo or telephone number. Nevertheless, there is no doubt a desktop clock is a practical way of getting your logo and perhaps contact details onto a prospect's desk - a prime example of a functional and effective promotional gift.

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